Arm and Leg Massage Therapy Techniques for Babies

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Your baby will benefit from therapeutic massage not only on the torso but also in the arms and legs. Here are some massage therapy techniques you can apply on your baby while at home in Snellville and Gwinett GA.

For arm and leg massage, your baby need not be unclothed. Since you will be massaging his buttocks, too, make sure that your baby is not wearing thick disposable diapers, though. Perhaps cloth briefs would do for the duration of the massage session.

Make sure your baby is in a good mood, not irritable. Do this when it’s not very close to nap time or feeding time. Place your baby on a cushioned but firm surface where there is no danger of him rolling off by accident.

Take your baby’s hand. Stroke the palm from the wrist down to each finger. When you reach the end of a finger, roll it gently. Turn the hand over and repeat the massage on the back of the hand.

Use your own fingers to draw circles around your baby’s wrist bones.

Gently grasp your baby’s arm from beneath the armpits. Make slow gentle milking movements downwards to the wrist, paying special attention to the elbow crease.

Roll your baby’s arm gently between your palms.

Carefully raise your baby’s arm above his head. Coax him into it until he relaxes and allows it. Using a firm but gentle touch that should not be tickling, stroke your baby’s arm from the wrist to the armpit cavity.

Take your baby by the wrist and bring his arm down to his side, then bring his palm to the opposite collarbone and return it to his side. Do this five times.

Do all the hand and arm massages and movements on both the right and left hands and arms of your baby.

Take your baby’s foot. Stroke your fingers down its top to each of the toes. Roll the end of each toe gently.

Press your thumbs all over the soles of your baby’s foot.

Use your own fingers to draw circles around your baby’s ankle bones.

Gently grasp your baby’s leg from the top of the thigh. Make slow gentle milking movements downwards to the ankle, paying special attention to the knee crease.

Roll your baby’s leg gently between your palms.

Lift your baby’s leg by the ankle and bend the knee gently. Repeat five times.

Do all the foot and leg massages and movements on both feet and legs of your baby.

Hold one of your baby’s feet in each of your hands. Alternately cross your baby’s legs right over left and left over right. Repeat five times.

Hold your baby’s right wrist in your right hand and his left foot on your left hand. Carefully bring his hand and foot together over his belly button, then return his hand to his side and his foot to the surface of the bed. Repeat this five times then switch to the other hand and foot.

Put both of your hands under your baby’s buttocks and massage them gently. Slide your palms down the backs of your baby’s legs to his feet. Gently shake his feet before letting go.

After giving your baby therapeutic massage, it is your turn to relax. Get your own Swedish massage therapy, deep tissue massage therapy, hot stone massage therapy or sports massage therapy from a professional massage spa. If your next baby is on the way, you can get pregnancy massage therapy instead. Perhaps you can get massage gift cards for yourself and your partner. Choose a conveniently located spa in Snellville and Gwinett GA.

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